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Your time is precious.  Running a landscaping business is much more than simply building the actual garden. Many owners spend hours of their evenings and weekends dealing with the day to day workings of their business; compiling quotes, dealing with invoices, preparing for the next project etc.  It's little wonder then that the thought of putting the time, effort and energy into firstly learning how to use SketchUp, and then actually using it, may well not be the most attractive proposition.  

But are you missing out on a valuable sales tool? One that will make you more attractive to clients, add another level of professionalism to your business, and ultimately gain you more sales working on the high-end projects you want to be doing?  If the answer to both of those questions is yes, then our Sketchup modelling service is here to help.

2D garden design

A landscaper's submitted paper design; drawn to scale

Sketchup image of a garden design

The design brought to life in a simple monotone-model


Helping a potential client to fully understand exactly what you're proposing for their new garden from a 2D plan can be tough.  It's also key to them saying yes and giving you the go-ahead to start work.  Even after years of experience of doing this work and looking at other designer's plans and drawings, we often still have to ask questions in order to fully understand exactly what's being proposed on a plan drawing.  Your client needs to be able to visualise as best they can how their finished garden will look and feel comfortable knowing what their hard earned money is going towards, making the process easier for them and potentially you as you go forward.  You may also find that that one particular element that they weren't sure about including, suddenly seems more attractive now they can physically see it, completing your design so it looks how you envisaged and earning you more fees in the process.

We'll take your plans, work with you to understand exactly what you're proposing for your client's garden, and then create an accurate 3D SketchUp model of your design.  We can also produce more formal plans and presentation documents if required.

Basic 2D Garden Design

A landscaper's submitted paper design

Sketchup image of a garden design

The design brought to life in full colour


We can also help you with the design details saving you on-site time and money.  Modelling your design in 3D before ground is broken, enables you to see how your design will work when built.  Compare how different paving patterns and layouts will look in the context of your design saving you money in materials and time spent cutting on site, more easily visualise the height and positioning of proposed retaining walls, raised beds and steps etc, calculate volumes of soil required for raised beds and planters, and identify how best you can manage sloping sites saving your client money and you a headache!

2D Garden design

A landscaper's submitted paper design

3D SketchUp model of garden

Completed model with paving layout tested


The reason we are able to teach SketchUp and understand how it is used by landscapers and garden designers, is because we ourselves are garden designers.  If you've been approached by a client and need a designer to come on board with the project, get in touch.  We have a range of options available to you wherever your based and whatever your client's budget may be.

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